Value Sketch III-The Children of SE Asia

Here is the original photo and the value sketch. The completed piece may actually include the other two figures in the photo. I do like the composition of the figures just like they are in the photo.

I will likely do one piece with just this child as well. those of you familiar with my work will see right away my intent to present a soft entry from the bottom of the canvas and the movement from two dimensional space to three dimensional space as I move upward. The areas of greatest contrast (where I will tell the story) are identified in this sketch. I will attempt to resolve the painting with lost edges at the top of her head and hope to use the locks of hair as the transition from positive to negative space. No I will not be drawing the top of her head. I will attempt to lose it into light washes. the look of wonder on this tiny face is amazing. I hope to capture that wonder. Students: Give me some feedback on this blog as to whether this teaching approach is helpful to you.

This is the final painting. I used considerable license in the finish. In the end we are aiming at art not portraits. There is always a point where the inspiration must give way to the art. A portrait is only successful if it is first of all good art. What do you think?