Alan (alan@alanartwork.com) became fascinated with watercolor at a young age and became a serious student of Watercolor in the early 90's, and while on occasion also enjoying oil on canvas, has been in love with the medium since. While self taught, he has studied and been greatly influenced by masters like Charles Reed, Alex Powers and Joseph Zbukvic.

April and I retired to Western Colorado where our family roots are, arriving there in June, 2019,  after a 17 year absence. I turned 70 this last October (2019) and am returning, not only to the land of my youth, but to my first love, creating beautiful watercolors, figure sculpture ( I hope to do some bronze work in the not to distant future) and photography.

This new website, which is an e-commerce website with which we will be able to offer both original paintings as well as Giclee prints, a much more economical option. While originals are not available for the majority of the offerings on the site (most of my originals sell rather quickly), we currently have over 100 pieces for which prints of the originals are available.

In the words of Jerry Garcia, "what a long, strange trip it's been". Most of the work on this new website is finally done, and I am now entirely satisfied with the quality of prints that we are able to offer since starting our own 'Giclee' print studio. Unlike other options we explored, I am now able to examine each Giclee before it gets to your hands. 

While visiting our site, please check out 'Alan's Journals'. The Journals are blog's which I have used over the years to communicate with a wonderful number of art students/collectors and contain discussion on the hows and whys of producing the watercolors.

Also, please sign up to begin to receive periodic newsletters which will also contain examples and discussion for the artist in each of us as well as occasional special offers which the art collectors among us may appreciate.